Discover the premises

The sporting and cultural complex of the Vendée Department !

With its 21,000 m2, three Halls dedicated to the most diverse sports, the most daring shows, the Vendéspace is at the forefront of multifuction equipment in the Great West. It offers from 1000 to 4900 seats through a system of retractable and removable bleachers. 


The Vendéspace has opened on September 14th, 2012. It can accommodate, in a covered area, the finest indoor sport competitions and performances of a new dimension for the Vendée department. 

A unique place in France with the very latest technology, the Vendéspace has excellent equipment with its modularity, aesthetics and acoustics.   

Technological prowess at the service of the greatest international sporting events and the most prestigious concerts. The Vendeans can come and see handball, volleyball and judo; listen to Carmen and enjoy the prowess of the National Circus of China and the lightness of the Russian ballet ...    

A place of emotion, effort and enthusiasm, Vendéspace is also a place for training and teaching: its 21,000 m² surface, its Dojo and its 3 Halls are open to all departmental committees for their training and competitions.