For the comfort of athletes and artists

For athletes

A weight room of over 100 m², a spa room. 

Six large changing rooms are built around the Great Hall, including two for the high level athletes with individual lockers, a massage room and relaxation area. 

For artists and touring

8 individual and group dressing rooms of 200 m2. 

Catering space of 120 m2. 

Direct access for trucks in the Great Hall. 

Technical area with 9 trucks and tour bus parking spaces. 

For referees and organisers

They have five locker rooms and two relaxation rooms as well as specific premises adapted to the type of competition: 10 offices, 2 VIP reception rooms, 2 halls, 1 press room, 1 call room, 1 weighing room, 1 doping test room...  

Great Hall

The Great Hall for all sports

The Great Hall for all sports

Fixed and mobile bleachers of the Great Hall offer a variety of arrangements (1000 - 4900 places seated / standing). All arrangements are available, with a stage both modifiable and moveable, the central configuration for the sporting events and the front configuration for shows. 

All indoor sports (collective, opposition, combat and disabled sports) benefit from high-level infrastructures.  

The form of the Great Hall arena ensures optimum visibility for spectators while meeting the highest international standards of the federal sports authorities: handball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, gymnastics ...  

Equipped with modern facilities remains the Vendéspace offers removable flooring, goals, baskets (normalized FIBA), posting scores on a giant hanging central screen...  

The Great Hall for all shows

The Great Hall for all shows

Designed to become a must in the national and interna onal tours, the Great Hall has a maximum capacity seating / standing for 4900 spectators. An infrastructure made to host the most creative configurations and facilitate their implementation.   

The comfort of a great opera house with its real orchestra pit and ground floor. The Great Hall, in a "lyrical" configuration, will look like major international opera houses. More than 2000 seats with comfort worthy of the greatest auditoriums; international philharmonic orchestras, theater and dance companies from around the world perform here much to the delight of the spectators. 

Departemental Dojo

Four combat areas

Four combat areas

Aimed at practicing judo and martial arts, this room is completely autonomous from the rest of the complex.  

Regional competitions can take place in this space exclusively dedicated to these disciplines.  

With these four combat areas, 49m * 21m, a wooden platform composed of 250 fixed seats, the dojo combines functionality and simplicity in a very special atmosphere evoking Asia. 

Sports Hall

Priority in training for all sports

Priority in training for all sports

Its size and modularity make it a privileged and versatile space. Warm-up field during major events, training room for development and training, it has an area of 84m * 26m, 10m height, a fixed platform 350 seats with the possibility of an additional 600 seats on bleachers. 

Particularly dedicated to the practice of athletics with a floor compatible with spiked shoes, this room can host international sprinting and jumping meetings. 

Arranging the pits for training is offered for high-level gymnasts as well as a complete gymnastics plateau. 

The Sports Hall is also equipped with a 10m high climbing wall, 24m wide and a 3.5m slope with 8 possible routes.